1. You must be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or a mobile network.

2. Open an internet browser and type in www.filelinked.com. Next, click on the download link within the website.

8. Once you have it Downloaded and installed it will require a Code. Use 55599618.

4. You can start downloading the Global Choice Media App along with other Apps provided for TV/Movies and VPNs.

5. Once you have downloaded Global Choice Media you now type in the username and password provided (Username and Password are both case sensitive) from your account manager or email, then you will be ready to start enjoying your live streaming programming.

6. Note- Please click on the INSTALL EPG tab on the App’s Homepage of Global Choice Media. This will install the Programming Guide to the categories where one applies. Only Live Programming will contain a guide.

7. Parental Control Option- In the settings of the app you will find a Parental Control tab that will allow you to password protect Categories (not channels) such as the XXX category. Password can only be NUMERICAL (keep it simple at 5 numbers or less). Write your password down and store it in a safe place! We do not have the option to retrieve it, if forgotten.